The name of this blog ‘SOUTH INDIAN GYPSY’ tells you all about what you can expect here.

We’re a bunch of people who enjoy venturing into different terrains. We like to roam around, while not spending too much money into organised tours sector.

This blog provides authentic information about the escapades that one might have into insignificant, yet exotic, places that normally hide from the tourist attention in our localities. It may include but not limited to nature trails, wildlife trails, picnic spots, camping events, and for the sake of providing information – popular tourist destinations in any area that we have access too… We hope that the information provided is valuable and helpful to make any such plans in future, for any like-minded people.

The Team:

Jaya Kumar Krishnaswamy (nickname: Jai):

A teacher by profession, Jai’s interests lie in various fields like adventure, trekking, birding, photography, and cricket. He has just started blogging, but has serious ideas about becoming an avid blogger. He is passionate about conserving mother earth and her eco systems, and is a member of a few Coimbatore based environmental organisations.

Presently he lives in Sathyamangalam, Erode District, Tamil Nadu, INDIA. This place, the nearest confluence of the Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats is a wildlife hotspot, and can be aptly called the Serengeti of India.


Prabhushankar Balasubramaniam  (nickname: Prabhu):

Prabhu is an IT professional, but spends most of the weekends in jungles. His interest in Royal Bengal Tigers started in 2010 when he saw a Tigress from Ranthambore chasing a wild boar. Since then he has frequented various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries across India for a better understanding about the wildlife. His other interests are trekking, birding and photography. In the last couple of years, he has been involved in numerous treks/nature trails in the Sahyadris ranges & Western Ghats.

Recently, he has also developed an interest in birds and has photographed around 125 species of birds around Pune. He is a member of few nature & birding organizations in Pune. While he enjoys spending time amidst pristine nature, his primary interest has always been on creating awareness about nature & conserving it for the generations to come.


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